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Want to invest in yourself for a change?
Build your assets, not just your income!

Tangible-AssetsThe Individual Development Account program can help you improve your financial picture by learning about budgeting and household finances while you save part of your earned income to purchase your first home, develop a small business, or attend higher education or training.

Here's how it works: We help you set up a new bank savings account called an Individual Development Account. You make regular deposits from earned income to reach the goal of $500 in each of two years. Your savings are matched 2:1, providing you with $3,000 to use toward your chosen asset!

While you save, you attend 16 hours of financial education as well as homeownership training, career counseling, or business counseling to improve your success in owning your new asset.

"We started saving money toward a house, at the same time our thoughts and hearts were encouraged and we started to see our dream come true. We are very proud homeowners today!" -Laxmi and Raymond Dewan

Central Vermont Community Action Council administers the Vermont Individual Development Account Program through a partnership with the Vermont Community Action Agencies. Statewide, we have helped over 900 Vermonters save for their families' future and gain an economic foothold. Matched savings have accumulated to more than $1.34 million!

Who is eligible? Income and asset guidelines apply. Your household income can be up to 200% of the federal poverty level and you are allowed up to $10,000 in net personal assets, not counting your primary home or one car. You or another family member must have current earned income through a job or self employment.

Find out if an Individual Development Account is right for you!


If you live in Lamoille, Orange or Washington County,
contact us at 1-800-639-1053 or (802) 476-8493 or by emailing
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Those living in other areas of Vermont should contact their local Community Action Agency:
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Northwestern Vermont/Champlain Valley
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Southeastern Vermont

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